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Thread: Expected impact on sales by adding a salesperson?

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    Expected impact on sales by adding a salesperson?

    Does anyone have an idea of what increase I should expect in my sales volumes by adding a salesperson?

    I currently use distributors, but I would like to add a few direct salespeople to my staff. I would like to know what general impact on my sales each person can add before making the final decision.

    Any ideas?

    Please feel free to send responses directly to my email at:

    Thanks in advance!

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    I would ask what your current marketshare is in the markets that you plan to put sales people in. If your marketshare is very small you should see a significant increase. While I'm not a brewer I do have 20 years of professional sales experience and I interact daily with brewery and distributor sales people and it makes a big difference to me when a brewery rep takes the time to visit and personally take me through new and upcoming products.
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    it depends depends. Who is your sales person? What's your sales / marketing plan? Where are you in the market etc...lots of factors
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    It's a question that basically cannot be answered, it depends on so many factors that you would need to hire consultants to perform an extensive study to even begin to estimate an answer for this question and even then it would probably be completely off.

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