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Thread: Using White Pepper in beer

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    Using White Pepper in beer

    White Pepper for my Rye Pils...

    I am planning on cracking the pepper and adding it with about 5 minutes left to boil and letting it spin in the whirlpool.

    Any one know how much to use?

    Any concerns and ideas are more than welcome.

    I brew on a 10 BBL system

    Thanks so much in advance,


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    white pepper

    I've used white peper in an few of my beglain wheat beers, usually durring the whirlpool and only a 5 oz per 10 bbls. gives a nice slightly nutty character.
    Nicholas Campbell

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    Mmmm. Pepper! I love to put a little pepper in some of my Belgian style ales. I make up a blend of different peppercorns, depending upon the desired flavors. Added at or near the end of the boil they can impart a nice spicy dryness to a flaming hot peppery flavor bomb. The flavors will mellow and become more subtle with aging. I usually go 6-8 oz per 10 bbl for the former, 16-17 oz for the latter.


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