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Thread: Direct draw kegerator for brew pub

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    Direct draw kegerator for brew pub

    I am getting ready to purchase a draft setup for my brew pub next month. I plan to keg the beer and serve it from a direct draw unit with either a pass through tower or two air cooled towers. The Perlick Perl faucets and their non- tarnish brass T towers are the front runners. I plan to serve 6 beers on opening day, but was thinking that ten taps would allow for expansion (maybe root beer on one?.) A bar owner friend recommended Beverage Air kegerators and has a killer price on the 5 keg unit (which would hold a bunch of sixels.) Reading back posts, folks liked suppliers such as Foxx Beverage and others.
    Any comments ( Your crazy), suggestions, feedback would be appreciated.

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    My first response is tap directly out of a cold room, but that depends on the space you are in. Cheapest and best solution IMO.

    And one other thing: plan for success on this front. Not knowing your system, you may be out of your own beers on a frequent basis, and getting some hard-to-find regional/national craft beers from distributors can create increased traffic into your place, and you'll need the room in coolers and on the tower.

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