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Thread: age to brew beer in the US

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    age to brew beer in the US

    i want to know at which age you are allowed to work in the US as a beer brewer. And when you have the qualification "brewer" here in Germany are you allowed to work in the US at a age under 21.
    I am not sure about this topic because you are allowed to drink beer at a age of 21 and higher.

    please give me some answers

    thanks a lot

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    There is no age qulification for working in a brewery other than age limets put on all working situations. I assume you are 18+ so that is fine. As far as work visa's and all that I have no idia..
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    I'm almost positive that you have to be 21 years old to work in a brewery in the U.S. There may be other limitations if you are not a citizen. If I'm wrong on this someone out there please bring me up-to-date.
    Ron Downer

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    I may be wrong, but I've always used the same guidelines for working in the brewery as selling beer. Over 18 is OK. Just no sampling! I imagine this will vary from state to state, with local liquor codes and all that.


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    I'm pretty sure you can work in a brewery when you are 18. Bartenders and servers can they just can't drink. I hope I'm right because I've been working in a brewery since the day after I turned 18.

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    age to brew

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