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    Has anyone used the new on-line COLAs system for the ATF / TTB yet?

    If so what was your approval turn around time?



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    Cola on line

    I have used the new system, and found it to have a few nice features, but was it any quicker? No. Two labels submitted via mail, approved within five weeks. Two labels submitted on line - approval in seven-ish weeks. It took four weeks alone for the status to change from "received". Admittedly I did have to make a correction ("Government Warning" not bold enough) to the labels, and the on line format greatly streamlines this process. Without the correction, I guess the labels would have been approved around the four week mark. In speaking with the kind folks who run the on line program they hope to have things zipping along in the future to greatly reduce this waiting period, so we'll see. I'll definitely use the on line system for my next labels as well (probably send them out in about a month), so give it a shot, just don't expect approval to come too much more quickly. At least not yet!


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    I've used the online system quite a bit and have found it to be easier all-around. The turn-around time is about the same (vs. snail mail) but I can make necessary changes and resubmit quicker.

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