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Thread: Compressor for Continuous Aeration

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    Compressor for Continuous Aeration

    I have a couple tanks I have outgrown that I am interested in turning into yeast propegators. Anyone have a suggestion for a continuous running pump that won't be loud as hell that I can use to aerate the yeast? The old Homebrew Aquarium pump is not powerful enough and I don't really relish the idea of having a noisy compressor turing on and off all day long.
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    Bottled Air

    While I'm not sure about this, isn't it possible to buy food/medical grade compressed air, or the same grade O2? And would the cost be prohibitive to go that direction instead of using a pump?

    I'm not sure, but something to think about.


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    What about an air pump from a hot tub with a HEPA filter in-line? I've seen them for around a couple hundred bucks for something like 1 HP.
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