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Thread: Excess hops for sale...

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    Excess hops for sale...

    Hey guys,

    I'm embarrassed to say I bought into the dooms day hop market and am still trying to shed a few of the varieties I have on contract. I fell for the "take what you can get" attitude of the hop suppliers and now have hops that aren't really a part of my current recipes or are just extras. Here is what I have, please send me an email with how many pounds you are looking for and offers...much better than posting the rediculous contract prices! All are pellets and all are in 11 lb. boxes/bags.

    '09 Nugget (220 lbs)
    '09 US Goldings (132 lbs)

    '10 Centennial (308 lbs) - SOLD
    '10 Chinooks (55 lbs) - SOLD
    '10 Palisade (132 lbs) - SOLD
    '10 Galena (220 lbs)
    '10 Columbus (616 lbs) - SOLD
    '10 US Goldings (308 lbs)
    '10 Northern Brewer (220 lbs)
    '10 Cluster (88 lbs)


    Lone Peak Brewery
    406-579-6299 cell
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