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Thread: Sandlot Brewers gathering during GABF weekend

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    Sandlot Brewers gathering during GABF weekend

    Just a note to all brewery representatives coming to Denver for the Great American Beer Festival and looking for something fun to do.

    Join The Brewing Science Institute, Newlands Systems, Brewers Supply Group and Five Star Chemical Company for an early Happy Hour of free beer and food at Sand Lot Brewery.

    What: Entry on Friday with GABF Badge or Business card
    When: Friday September 30th from 11:00 AM to 4:00?? PM
    Where: Sandlot Brewery located at Coors Field 2197 Blake St. Denver

    Why: A chance to meet old friends, make new friends and drink some award winning beers.

    Sandlot Brewery is the winner of 33+ GABF medals since 1995.
    Bryan Pearson
    The Brewing Science Institute
    The Fastest Yeast in the Business

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    Wish I was there! Unfortunately Newlands is so dedicated to customer service that I have to go to Melbourne instead. Bummer.

    Honestly though, I'll miss the crap out of the meeting at the Sandlot, I've been the last many (?) years!!!

    Somebody has to give the Iron Hill fellas hell cause they expect me to be there to do just that. Also give them a run for the medals...
    Jamie Fulton
    Community Beer Co.
    Dallas, Texas

    "Beer for the Greater Good"

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    I know I'll be there. Not to be missed!
    Walt Chleva
    Dry Dock Brewing Company
    Aurora, CO

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