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Thread: Salary Surveys

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    Salary Surveys

    Does anyone have any knowledge of industry salary surveys being compiled? Is it possible to get feedback in this informal setting to gather some baseline data? What are typical headbrewer/production manager salaries/compensations in the small production brewery environments (1000-2000 BBL/year)? Thanks for your help.

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    brewer salaries

    There was a request for a salary survey on the IBS forum a few months ago. The results were posted on a private website. I'm not sure if the link is still up, but I printed a copy of the results and I can forward that to you. Send me a private message with your e-mail address and I will forward the info to you.


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    I remember an issue of the New Brewer a couple years back 2001 in the fall maybe that had a detailed breakdown of Brewer salaries by Brewpub volume and annual revenue. Unfortunately my copy has dissapeared. I think it focused on brewpub brewers though I could be wrong. Give the AOB a call and try for a back issue.
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