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Thread: Cask Canning Line Foaming Issues

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    Cask Canning Line Foaming Issues

    Anyone with a five head Cask auto filler, this ones for you. Basically we are having an issue with three heads out of the five pushing out nothing but foam. The beer is at 34F and inlet pressure to the machine is 14-15psi so we know temp and pressure are not issues. We have taken the machine apart and seem to think we have a short circuit somewhere. Can anyone shed some light

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    Cask Canning Line Foaming Issues

    I would say that it is a short. I have the same issues. The problem I have is either the fill contacts under the Plexiglas trap condensation and make the connection through the water buildup or the condensation from the fill tubs going into the filler valves drip and short out the coil wire. We just re-did our connections to coils. Any oxidizing over the years have reduced the connectivity. There was an immediate response with that. Call me if you like, I have practically rebuilt this thing by now!
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