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Thread: Steam filtration

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    Steam filtration

    I have a 5 micron filter in my steam line for my Till keg cleaner. Today after installing a freshly cleaned filter the filter clogged with rust and would not allow steam to pass. Can you folks tell me: How do you filter for sterile steam?

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    Steam in general should be sterile. (120C+, depending on pressure)

    For "clean" sterile steam they have filters designed for this.

    The ones we use, have a 5 micron or finer stainless steel screen with a manual blow down to flush out any sediment. (daily routine)

    If you are having alot of rust or other "stuff" clogging your filter, I would check you boiler chemistry and operating procedures (blowdown, dosing chemicals to feed water, etc.) to ensure it is setup and running proper.

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    Yes, if you have rust in your steam lines then I'd say your steam is corroding your steam lines. That's not good for your steam lines.

    I'd consult/fire a water chemistry guru or two on boiler water treatment for your steam lines.

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    You would undoubtedly benefit from fitting an automatic condensate trap, before the steam filter being sintered metal, with condensate removal taps, either auto or manual on at least the bottom the filter housing. For a large set up these would normally be set for auto purging periodically. Ideally the condensate would be returned to the boiler, but as already stated more than once, you should not get huge amounts of rust, and need to check the boiler / steam system. Ensure you use only culinary standard FDA approved inhibitors. Recent installations for keg sterilisation commonly have clean steam generators to create steam from RO water, so the boiler water never comes into contact with the keg internals.

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    Pure steam generator
    The best way to ensure that you don't get any off flavors in your beer is to use a Pure Steam Generator ( Pual-Mueller has built these in the past). These units are extremely expensive, and I have only worked with one at the Van Nuys AB plant. This is if the steam is being used for sanitation.

    I would talk to a good mechanical contractor you might be able to put a y-trap and some stainless piping before your filter to minimize this?


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