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Thread: Contract Brewer Needed in Illinois/Midwest

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    Contract Brewer Needed in Illinois/Midwest

    I am in need of a Midwest contract brewer. I'm looking for someone to help brew and package 1,000 barrels of two (possibly three) styles in one year beginning early 2012. By package I mean bottles or cans and some kegging.

    If you are an Illinois or Midwest brewer who has capacity and an interest in taking on a small production and packaging contract, please e-mail me. Thanks.


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    Contract Packaging

    Excel Bottling Company in Breese, Il is going to add a 20 BBL system before summer of 2012. We just signed a contract for the brewhouse and will have plenty of excess capacity. We have a lot of work to be done before next summer but we do co-pack soda and may consider co-packing beer.

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