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Thread: Contract canning/bottling/kegging needed

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    Contract canning/bottling/kegging needed

    We are looking for someone in the northeast (we are in Maine) to do some contract packaging and possibly "brewing" for our hard cider. If you can do this, or know of a good source, please email me at

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    Cider Contract Brewing

    You need to be very careful in Maine. Contract brewing of wine is not allowed in the State. The law reads "a Maine Farm Winery may make its own wine" and Liquor Licensing has taken a pretty firm stand on the word "its". Also brewers cannot make cider, it requires a wine license, separate facility and dedicated equipment. If you go outside Maine to have it made it can only come back into the state under a Certificate of Approval license which mean the cider must go through a distributor and you cannot sell retail or self distribute.

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