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Thread: Headed to Europe

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    Headed to Europe

    I'm in the beggining stages of planing a trip to Europe. My main focus will to be study in Germany. Currently I'm trying to get contacts for people to help with places to stay while on my trip, and more importantly work while I'm there. The goal is to leave in the next month or so, but no later then the first of the year (2005). Any help in the area will be much appreciated, and if you can't help, see you at world cup.

    Cheers, Morgan.

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    Try the UK, around Oxford or in the NorthWest (lake districk or North Yorkshire) if you're looking for work in the pub industry for a short period of time. It's not that hard to get a working holidaymaker visa but you have to get it before leaving. I don't know for you guys in the US but here in Quebec it took me 6 weeks to get it from the British embassy.

    If you need some contacts for a job over there, msg me.


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    traveling in europe

    You are the lucky one, if you can go just go! I have quite a few friends (brewers and non) who have gainfully found employment in countries where they didn't even speak the language. In these types of countries be where the tourists are and be ready to work, my best friend told me that he started a very short conversation in english with a man in Greece, he also told him he spoke Spanish and he ended up there working as a bartender with a furnished apartment right off the water on the little island he was staying on. I still have friends working over there... some legit some not. Switzerland is one of the hard ones, so is Holland, i've heard ireland, scotland, and eastern europe are the easier places to pick up work. Speaking more than one language helps though.
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