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Thread: Just asking for advise

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    Just asking for advise

    A year ago I started a brewery with a friend and invested a years worth of time and money in our brewery. After working 12 to 14 hour days and investing money in this brewery. we had a falling out and ( I asked about how mush money we were making as all the beer I was making was selling.)
    Anyway we spilt and I never got any money or anything back. I didn't have a written agreement it was all verbal because he was a (friend). I haven't contacted a lawyer because of the lack of funds. I try talking to him and asking him to make payments to me 100.00 a month and he freaked out and said he couldn't.
    So skip to the present and he is building a larger brewery and so he has his and other investers money invested in this.
    So the question is what do you think the options I have?
    Has anyone else benn through this?
    Thanks for the advise

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    Re: Advise

    You might check on the paperwork or how you two got your original Brewers Notice or State Approvals since they ask for a listing of the owners etc. This might give you standing when you ask for $ return of the value the Company has. Its a stretch but better than nothing. BTW..what were you thinking when you first started the company and actually invested cash in? Its a Business and there are no friends in a business just partners who have rights!

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    You MUST talk to an attorney. Whatever you have to do, retain an attorney. First of all, the attorney will tell you if you have any chance at all (sounds pretty slim to me), and second, your attorney should be the one talking to your ex-friend or your ex-friend's attorney at this point.
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    Doesn't the TTB ask for a copy of the operational agreement? You need an attorney and need one quick. I would get your hands on the brewers notice and see if there is anything listed there for the OA... There are no friends in busniess.. Sorry to hear about your troubles, good luck

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    You were asking for $100/month.

    If that is all it would take to make things right then I urge you to stop spending your time worrying over it.

    Through your naivety you have been taken advantage of by someone you trusted. For that I'm very sorry. It's what happens now that will have a greater affect on you. I strongly suggest that you chalk up what happened to a cheap but very effective education in business, put it in the past and focus on your goals and dreams. It may take time. It's taken me 25 years of doing something I hated to realize my dream, but if I can do it you can too. Just remember that we are judged by our actions, not the how the actions of others have affected us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hopuser
    I didn't have a written agreement it was all verbal
    What was your verbal agreement?

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