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    We are starting a 4 BBL brewery. We are going to be producing about 16 BBLs a month to start. Our plan is to maybe double our capacity in the next year or so but in one to two years we will be opening our own brewpub. I have two questions about filtration.

    1 - We have real alkaline water and need to us RO to bring it down. Where do I look for a good RO setup?

    2 – We are going to be packaging 22oz bottles and kegs so we want to filter our beer. What type and size filter should we get?

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    I am not qualified to answer the first question, but will answer the second;

    The type of filter you get depends on a lot of factors.

    1. What type of beer will you be producing?
    2. What is your biggest concern? Time? Cost? Quality? O2 pickup? Beer loss?
    3. How mechanically inclined are you? Certain setups are "set and forget", others require a lot more skill.

    Once we know a little more, we can get you dialed in.

    If you want, you can also email me at:


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    Our plan is to initially make one beer, an Irish Red. We are going to have two 4 BBL fermentors and two 8 BBL bright tanks. We plan to brew two 4 BBL batches about every two weeks. Not sure about question #2. I would say we are very mechanically inclined.

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