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Thread: Brewery Job Descriptions

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    Brewery Job Descriptions

    I was wondering if anyone could share their brewery job descriptions with me. I am consolidating 3 brewpub breweries into a centralized location and am trying to streamline jobs so there will not be any overlapping of postions. Any help would be great. All info will be kept confidential.

    Kai Adams
    Sebago Brewing Company

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    I don't think many breweries can afford or have the work load to have a person per position. Basically you have your master brewer who makes sure the whole opperation is productive and the product come out well. Then there are the assistant brewers who make all the things come together. Brewing the beer working the cellar, bottling or racking the beer, and finally constantly cleaning everything. Oh yah then there are the guys who beg every store or bar owner to but the beer on the shelf or on tap.

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