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Thread: Main Floor with crawl space

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    Main Floor with crawl space

    One of the locations I'm looking at for a 3 bbl facility was an old pizza joint. Good electrical, floor drains, water, access and location.

    My concern is main floor of this 100 year old building is typical wood floor built solid but has a small crawl space under the main floor. I'm having a structural engineer come in and look at the load limit. But I'm wondering if other have experienced with floors, crawlspace and weight limits?

    I only have 4 3bbl fermenters, but still recognize that will be substantial weight on any floor (except most concrete). Can most floors handle this type of weight? Floor jacks for additional support? Any experienced advice would be great.


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    Honestly you've done the best thing you can do buy calling an engineer. Calculating load limits is easy but the engineer can and should certify the structure for the proposed occupancy. That will be needed for building permits, and a change of use permit.

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    Having the structural engineer check it out is a very good idea. Building conditions need to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. I work on a lot of historic buildings, and believe me, some are built like a tank and others very shoddily.

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