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Thread: Hydrogen sulphide in the water supply

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    Hydrogen sulphide in the water supply

    I have invested in an other water supply, so I have got a drilled hole 125 meters depth. I have started to pump up water and the water smells rotten egg, I think it is a small amount of hydrogen sulphide. The drilling company says it is easy to get rid of the smell by aerating the water. I would like to know if there is anybody else in this forum who has any experience with brewing water that contains hydrogen sulphide. Aerating or active coal filtration? Or is this water supply no good at all for brewing water?

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    H2S is extremely volatile (like most hydrogen compounds) and would like nothing better than to escape an aqueous environment, which explains much of it's potential for stench. As long as there is no on-going source of the compound (i.e. microbial contamination of the water supply), once the H2S has been driven off, it should be gone for good, so the drilling company is probably right. Take a sample of the water in question and bubble air through a carb stone through it for a while and see if the odor dissipates.

    As far as fitness for brewing goes, other considerations are more critical than hydrogen sulphide, such as hardness, TDS, etc.

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