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Thread: IMI filler

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    Question IMI filler

    Has anyone worked on an IMI filler? We have no manual and cannot get the foam out of the bottle despite working counter pressures. We believe the problem to lie in the sift valves, but have now worked on those as well with no luck. If anyone has any ideas or experience or a missing operators manual please let me know.

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    haven't worked with an IMI filler before, is it a short tube or long tube filler?

    if a short tube, it may need to have the residual foam purged out of the tube with a quick burst before moving onto the next filling cycle. with the filler i am thinking of we had some trouble controlling fobbing as when a bottle was picked up the first thing that got injected was a nice bit of foam.

    don't know if this helps..............



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    Angry IMI Model # ?

    What is the model number of your unit? We have an IMI 3000, purchased new in 1997. The unit we have is a four head inline filler "designed" to run 24 - 40 BPM. After much tweaking and O2 testing we determined the thing will only run 11 BPM on a good day.

    We had the same experience you mention and "cured" it with a combination of head pressure on the fill bowl and snift push-back timing. BTW, there is no manual for this machine and is currently being marketed for packaging still water...

    Manufacturers website.

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