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Thread: External passivation

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    External passivation

    Surely some one will refer me to a million threads but I've done some searching and not located them myself. Bought some tanks from frank at pbst and used acid 5 to passivate the interior but I'm concerned about the outside and the feet. I've heard if solar flux but it seems insane to scrub that over that kind of surface Area. I basically want to passivate everything. Can I just wipe it with warm acid 5 and let it dry? Surely it's not that easy.


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    I would suggest that you call your chemical supplier and ask their opinion. It's been my experience that most of them know their stuff pretty well. I guess you are using 5-Star, I have also had great success with Birko and Loeffler as far as getting info on how to deal with various issues. Chances are that what you had in mind will do the trick.

    BTW, What all have you gotten from PBST? Would it be possible for me to come by and have a look at your stuff some time?

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