The Year was 2004.. I had cash in hand, and two (2) NABS (R.I.P. Ian) breweries for sale to look at. First stop.. Fort Collins, Colorado. 15BBL Bohemian, with everything,FV's, BBT's, filter, Keg washer ETC., get this $65.000. Next stop Miami, FL. 12Hl (10BBL) Carl Jacob, Fully hard piped 3 vessel (this is the system I wanted) with everything, get this $80,000. Point is, a Hurricane cancelled all flights into Miami that day and the Bohemian had 4 buyers ready to purchase. Cancelled flight, cash in hand I purchased 15BBL unit....Fast forward to 2012.. I have some time off this Summer and want to take a road trip to see where this Carl Jacob brewery found a home and taste some of its product. Unit was listed on the old NABS web sight, September 2004, Downtown Miami, nightclub. let me know of any leads.

Rebel Malting Co.
Reno, Nevada USA