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Thread: Insurance Costs/reviews

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    Insurance Costs/reviews

    Hello everyone. My first post here. I am a new nano brewery in San Jose Ca. I was wondering about costs for insurance and experiences with companys. I recently got a quote from United States Liability Insurance Company. Has anyone used them, if so how are they with claims and response times. Any bad input?

    Also, what are the going rates. My coverage for the first year cost is coming out to be about 1000$ with $1M/$2M coverage and income about 20K (I also have a full time job to pay the rest of the bills).

    Does that sound right? to high, to low, just right? Any input would be great.

    Thanks again

    Ale House Brewing Company

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    Not sure if you have a response. Make sure to do RFP(Request for Proposals) to get the best deal. There are several items to look for in terms of risk management versus cost. Send me a direct reply should you want further help.

    Cheers - JJ
    Brewers Consortium

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    What he said.

    This is the same issue we are having.

    Insurance being specific to size and location, what are the best channels to go through to get quotes? what companies has everyone else had good experience with? are there any pitfalls that one should look out for? thanks in advance for the help, my hairs on fire trying to figure all this stuff out.

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    Hi Roei

    Nice to see you on here. We are quoted at about $1500/yr through The Hartford. Our numbers are probably a bit different, but I think your quote is right about on. Especially with the 1M liquor liability.


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