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Thread: Battling stratification

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    Battling stratification

    Any ideas on how to combat stratification in chilled tanks? We have older JV 15 Bbls where the jacket only goes about halfway up the tank. Inevitably the tank reads 32F and by the end of the filter the the brite is at 40F. Same with brites that sit w beer. By the end of a keg run the last part is warmer. Obviously we can carb slowly in the brites to get a good mix but it causes scheduling issues if its not all going to be packaged off immediately. In the fermenters There is no carb stone so Im trying to figure out a gentle way to recirc. Not sure if some type of Homebrew march style pump would do anything hooked in a loop or not. The beer wouldnt be under much head pressure. CIP pumps just seem overkill and a big waste of electricity not to mention it would beat up the beer.

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    I have used CO2 pumped through an "air blow check valve" (can be found on the St. Pats website for $89) on the racking arm of a tank at about 15 to 20 psi (takes 8 psi to open). It pushes some pretty large co2 bubbles which I assume is agitating the solution enough to effect stratification.

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