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Thread: How to estimate Co2 needs?

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    How to estimate Co2 needs?

    How does a start up estimate its bulk CO2 storage capacity?

    I know there is many factors and I am at the beginning of a project.
    Currently I am looking at a 15bbl system that will run all beer production through one brite tank. Which will then be kegged off, then served.

    Thanks in advance.

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    15 bbl of what beer? How will you move the finished beer from the brite to keg? How will you move your beer from the FV to the Brite tank? If you push it with CO2, there is another issue to enter into the equation. Too many variables for me, but I would venture a guess at ~300lbs/15bbl batch.

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    CO2 usage

    Joe Walts has a great spreadsheets on his google site:

    In the link, there is a financial model spreadsheet for packaging breweries. Within this spreadsheet, Joe averages a CO2 usage rate of 8.89lbs./bbl.

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    Depending on how you run, if you are packaging, etc, it can be from around 2 kg/HL to 4kg/HL (you'll need to convert to lbs and bbl). If you aren't packaging then perhaps take more like 3kg/HL, if you are packaging then I would take 4kg/HL as the basis (this is quite on the high side). So from there plan your weekly production, check with your CO2 supplier on their delivery schedule... and there you go. You may want to hold around 2 weeks worth, depending on your area.



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