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Thread: Weight of equipment

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    Weight of equipment

    I am planning on opening up a new brewpub and need to know the particular weight of certain brewing vessels, both empty and filled with beer. I might need to shore up the floor to support the brewery weight (brewery will be on ground floor).
    My brewery:
    15 bbl Bohemian Monobloc brewhouse on platform
    Six 15 bbl Bohemian jacketed fermenters
    Five 15 bbl Bohemian jacketed serving vessels
    One five bbl grundy tank

    All vessels will be located in the same area on the ground floor. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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    We have 20bbl unitank fermenters (glycol jacketed and s/s clad) which have an 620gal working capacity. The empty tank itself weighs 1340lbs.

    You might be able to scale from this info and then add a 20% design margin...

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    I hope the manufacturer can give you the gross/net weight of the tanks. It was needed for shipping and for design, if they install.
    Ground floor? Concrete pad or cellar underneath?
    Remember, your live load is being distributed on either 3 or 4 legs and this will factor in load.
    1 litre of water weights 1 kg or approx. 1 gallon of water weights about 8 pounds.
    Beer is, a wee bit heavier, so 1 litre of beer is about 1.25 kg or 1 gallon is about 10 pounds.
    Check on my figures before you make your decisions but hope it helps.

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