My name is Jack Sparks.

I have been working in the brewing and restaurant/bar business for my entire life. With the exception of working on the ranch or farm (and I am teaching classes on gun safety).

I am opening a brewery in Dallas hopefully with a year and a half. This is my last chance to travel. Of course because once I have my own, there will be no travel. I have been head brewer at several breweries around the States, and a consultant to breweries in South America, and the States as well. I want a last chance to teach someone to become a master brewer before I come home to Texas.

It will never be a conflict of interest until World Beer Cup. I would never give recipes to anyone in the States. However, depending on where I would go, I will use different ingredients. So, with that said, I don't see a conflict. I am interested in anywhere that the beer is bland and needs a spearhead to start a revolution in the beer industry. I am happy to learn a foreign language. I am happy to learn how to haggle. (Bolivia ).

I only have one year to teach one more person outside the ones that I will call my own. Hit LIKE on Reunion Brewing Company on facebook.

I can be there as soon as you need. I have a limited time. Otherwise, you may hire a glorified home brew guy. Such a waste of time for you.

I can teach the home brew guy how to run a clean, sanitary, award winning brewery. Depending on the country and education level of course.

Reach me at actionjackson88@gmail.com, or jsparks@reuionbrewing.com. I have about seven to nine months to kill. Help me to help you.



Jack Sparks