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Thread: oxygen scavenger crowns

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    oxygen scavenger crowns

    I am looking for data on the effectiveness of oxygen scavenging crowns. Something quantitative would be great, but antidotal stories would help. Have any tasting panels out there done the head to head comparison in house? Trying to see if they are worth a price premium? Is there any downside other then price?
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    We use a company out of Mexico called Fabricas Monterrey. We are currently doing tests on D.O. I should be able to give more info in a weeks time. Have never done a side to side comparison, but the Dissolved Oxygen content before bottling and after it has been in the bottle for a month should give us an idea how well they work. Cheers, Ethan

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    Oxygen scavenging crowns are only effective for relatively small amounts of oxygen in the headspace of a bottle.

    They will not do anything to mitigate the staling effects of dissolved oxygen, the level of this will drop inherently with time as the beer oxidises/stales.

    Good practice throughout the process will be far more effective in ensuring low DO2 levels than anything else. Remember that high levels anywhere in the post-fermentation process will cause flavor defects that cannot be rectified further down the line.

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