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Thread: Custom Bottler/ Contract Bottling

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    Custom Bottler/ Contract Bottling

    We are a start up company who has been working w/ a co-packer in NorCal to bottle our tea in 12 oz twist off bottles. They now seem to not have time for us so before investing in a our own bottling line we are searching for a a new partner. Looking to do runs of 4-6,000 gallons 2 to 3 times a month.
    Any ideas or leads, please feel free to pm me for more details.

    Nicholas Campbell

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    Hi. Saw your ad. Have you tried Varni Brothers Bottling here in Modesto.
    They are a large Seven-Up bottler as well as the producer of Rockstar. They do tons of co-packing and I think your quantities would be appropriate. Ask for Tony or Fred Varni.
    Also, they distribute throughout most of the state, so shipping should be reasonable I would think.

    Bill Coffey
    St. Stan's Brewery
    Modesto, CA
    Bill Coffey

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