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Thread: Milled vs. Welded false bottom

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    Milled vs. Welded false bottom

    Hi everyone,
    Not thinking about cost. What is better milled or welded false bottoms?

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    Get you false bottom milled. The welded false bottoms are not as "polished" as they should be and would proable be hard to tell when it was clean, making the brewers task (cleaning) more difficult.

    Hope this helps.


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    It depends entirely on who makes it. The welded versions can give high free surface area, but are not as robust, and if not made accurately can be more prone to passing rubbish.

    For a small brewhouse, especially if you are going to get inside and satnd on the plates to dig out / clean the lates and or tun, then in spite of the probably extra weight, I would go for milled paltes.

    If you are on a large fully automated system, in which case you are unlikely to be asking this qusetion, I would go for reputable supplier of welded wedge wire.

    Whichever you decide to go for, make sure they are accurate welders or accurate at milling, and that the plates are support well. And make sure the base is solid and will not distort with use, otherwise it doesn't matter what sort of false floor you use, it will pass grain etc.

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