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Thread: Anyone using biocellulase W?

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    Anyone using biocellulase W?

    Looking for a dosing rate...

    Here is a discription of the product (its a liquid)......and if you can inerpret their dosing rate for me from that, I'll take it

    Brewing: Wort Production - Treatment with Biocellulase W in the brewing process results in the degradation of high molecular weight non starch polysaccharides such as b-glucan and arabinoxylan. Benefits of using Biocellulase W include reduced wort viscosity, increased extract, increased run off rates and reduction of beer haze problems. The dose rate used is 0.01-0.05% on grist. The higher dose rate is recommended when the grist includes high levels of wheat (up to 50%).



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    I had a similarly worded one recently.

    I would guess it means that you use (by weight) .01-.05% of the weight of the grist.
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