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Thread: Retail Growlers

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    Retail Growlers

    We are considering selling one of our Ales at a local grocery store. I would like to use growlers. Does anyone have any experience with pre filled growlers? Are there any special precautions I should take that are different from pouring one in the brewpub? We plan to use a filler instead of the tap, so we will purge oxygen. Any cap concerns? I am thinking we will need to shrink wrap the cap on there so it is tamper proof. What else am I missing? I know labels will need approved like any other bottle. Anyone with experience?



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    you might consider contacting Rogue Brewing. they sell growlers at retail and have been doing so for a quite some time now. i bet they'd be a wealth of information as to any special requirements.

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    Mt. Carmel in Cincinnati also sold in growlers for years as well.

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    Use some sort of counter pressure filling method otherwise you will have very flat beer sitting on shelves and ultimately damaging your brand with consumers
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