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Thread: Hop tea in lieu of dry hopping.

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    Question Hop tea in lieu of dry hopping.

    Anyone have any conversion tables for adding a hop tea instead of dry hopping (both with pellets).

    Also, is there a minimum amount of water per ounce of hops to get an acceptable hop tea aroma.


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    Hop Tea

    If you boil the hop tea, you will isomerize the smaller amount of alpha acids in the aroma hops and add bittering rather than the flavor and aroma. Even if you you just warmed them low heat, much of your aroma would evaporate out so it would just be the equivalent of using cheaper hops.

    I can't think of any reason it would work better than actually dry hopping, and dry hopping has the added beneift of protecting your beer from spoilers while in the fermenter.


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    I agree with Zambo, using a hop tea will give drastically different results than dry hopping. I much prefer the flavor of old fashioned dry-hopping (pellets or whole leaf).

    But if you must, ensure that you add the hop tea asap. The longer the tea sits, the more the flavor will be affected. So, the sooner the tea is added to the beer, the better.

    I have incorportated the hop tea method in a production brewery. I used 170 F water to break down the hops and then immediately "pitched" them via a 3bbl sanitized grundy into a 100bbl fermenter (process takes about 5 to 10 minutes). The amount of hops in the tea is equal to the amount you would use for dry-hopping (in my experience). The amount of water used is just enough to break down the hop pellets. To remove all of the hops from the vessel you are using, backflush gently with beer from the fermenter.


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    There is a fairly recent article in The Brewer International which covers a brewery in the UK (?? can't remember the issue - maybe some others from the UK can??) that uses hop tea rather than dry hopping.

    From memory, they make the hop tea at the brewhouse by infusing the aroma hops in 90degC liquor for ~60min and then add this to the whirlpool.

    Just another idea......


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