Arthur Velador 510 325 8133 |

Objective Seeking a full-time position as a QA Technician in a growing and dynamic environment

Core Strengths 6+ years experience
Certified in Brewing Microbiology
A Self-starter to boot
Detail-oriented and provide quality management Maintain consistency through inspection
and research

Adept in brewing process and industry standards

2005 - 2012 Lead QA Technician | Pyramid Breweries/North American Breweries | Berkeley, CA
• Supervised all lab personnel and trained on all lab procedures and brewing processes
• Performed lab analytics at several stages of fermenting product
• Conducted Micro sampling and plating at several stages of fermenting product
• Microscopy and identification of incubated plates
• Yeast cell counting and viability testing of reclaimed slurry
• Managed lab budget and lab inventory supplies
• Batching and pouring of several micro plating medias including: LMDA, HLP, LCSM, LWYM, and WLD
• Recorded daily temperature, pH, and gravity of all active fermentations
• Collected and reported data entry of all micro results
• Executed bottling and keg racking line audits and each start up and change over
• Organized and conducted daily taste panel of bright tank and packaged product
• Developed effective reporting communication techniques for data results