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Thread: fermentation program

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    fermentation program

    Interested to know how production breweries manage the fermentation process in terms of scheduling and tracking. From my brewery visits I have seen everything from a chalkboard hanging from a tank with a date on it to a piece of notebook paper taped on the wall and was looking for some sort of software program to accomplish this task.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    We use dry eraser boards. Each tank has a name and we track the beer under the batch brewed. We also hang dry erase boards from the fermenters, showing the type of beer the brew date transfer dates and the chill date. As far as our process goes we ferment in the primary for three days then transfer to the secondary. we close the valve on the secondary and let it sit for seven days where it carbonates, settles out and mature then we chill it for a few days. then we use that yeast to ferment new batches and the blow out most the yeast, filter it into the brite, check the carb and bottle the next day.
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