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Thread: New Micro-Brewery in Lewisburg, WV

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    New Micro-Brewery in Lewisburg, WV

    The Greenbrier Valley Brewing Company is a new "microbrewery in planning" for the Lewisburg, West Virginia area, opening date scheduled for late 2013. This will be a 15 – 20 bbl system that will produce four flagship craft brews along with seasonal craft brews. Initial distribution will consist of kegs to local retail stores, bars, restaurants, and hotels. Growlers and bottles are planned within 12 months of opening. Activities with the community are already being planned such as “October Beer Fests”, “Winter Thaw Fest”, “Farewell to Winter Spring Fest”, and the ever ubiquitous “Pigs, Dogs, and Burger Extravaganza”. If interested in learning more about the Greenbrier Valley Brewing Company you can contact the founder, Wil Laska, at Damn Good Beer for Damn Good People at a Damn Good Price

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    Thanks for the info

    Is this microbrewery still running?

    Thanks for the info

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