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Thread: Cask Canning Experience?

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    Cask Canning Experience?

    Howdy all,
    Does anyone (besides the manufacturer) have any real world experiece using the Cask canning system? I'm looking for labor needed and approximate cans per hour completed.

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    You might want to give the folks a call at Grizzly Paw Brewery in Canmore, Alberta. They are using one of the Cask two head fillers.

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    Labor Needed and Can Output

    You can contact Matt (via e-mail preferably) at Warbird Brewing. We run the new Cask automated 5-head can filler.


    Warbird operates the machine with 1.5 to 2 people with a steady output of 27-29 cans per minute, based on the temperature, pressure, and condition of our product.

    Your final package needs (we currently 6-pack then place in carboard flats) will dictate your needed operators: one person can easily run the line if you're loose packing in flats.

    Added bonus: no labels!


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    Can Conditioning

    Along the lines of the previous canning threads I have to ask this question:

    Has anyone tried Kraeusening in a can package yet? --"Can Conditioning"

    Carbonated beer/headspace pressure provides some of the unit strength of a can by providing outward force that holds the thin can walls/ends rigid. My thought initially is a semi carbonated or uncarbonated beer might not provide enough can strength to make can filling successful...

    Although maybe its being done already? It would take care of any air pickup, and provide a unique twist on packaging a micro brew.

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    after a solid year (maybe more) of use we found that with the 2 head cask filler with 1 seamer: 2 people=~17-20 cases/hour, 3 People=~20 case/hour. Three people is only a little quicker but the three peolpe are much happier than the two. With two it is just miserable. Plan for about two 7~9 hr days of canning to allow for setup, breakdown, lunch, breaks, etc.... Get a rubber bar mat for your employees to stand on.
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    We have been using Cask 2 head filler for well over a year, all in all I think we are happy with the operation of the equipment. In the beginning I wasn’t crazy about our beer in the can, flavor wise, but that was our fault, we also package with a Meheen, the difference happened to be we bottle condition our beer in bottles and once we made the switch to can conditioned beer I have been more than pleased with the finished product, can conditioned beer is an option. I felt like the Cask system was a good way for us to get our beer in other markets, markets where glass cant be sold, the fact that the system is labor intensive really wasn’t that big of an issue since before we bought our Meheen we hand bottled, its a small brewery what’s not labor intensive?

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