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    A question for the seasoned pros...if you were about to open a microbrewery and had your choice of available used equipment, what would your preferences be? Steam jacketed or direct fire? Agitation for lautering? Keg racker or an octopus? Cold glue labeler or pressure sensitive? DE filter/plate and frame or fine only? Any thoughts are appreciated!


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    Hiya' Voodoo,
    I would choose steam fired over direct: I have found that using both systems, I've achieved a overall better boil with steam than direct fired. Octopus? Hmm, not sure what you mean by this. I've always used a "home-made" keg filler; bright tank to keg via beer hose and valved-sanke fitting with blow off (cheaper). Pressure sensitive is definately and easier to apply (once the labeler is dialed in) but the cost savings with cold glue OVER TIME is hard to beat. Start with a plate and frame, grow your market, if you require sterile filtering for warm storage of bottled product, move to a DE filter. One final thought; take your estimated capital needed to start, and DOUBLE IT (AT LEAST)! No joke!
    Luck to ya'

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    1- Steam
    2- A Lauter tun w/ heat and rakes (^capitol will be paid off with ^effiecency plus flexability.
    3-good keg racker- short fills cost$ in lost product and ^labor. Include a scale to weigh them for conformation.
    4- glue, your in this for the long haul right?
    5- Plate and frame plus fining in kettle and prior to filtration. @When you get bigger buy DE for course and use plate for fine filtration if wanted.
    last- hire your Brewmaster, at least as a consultant, and have him involved in all these decisions. Dont think you can run a business and do all the work too......
    Brewmaster, Minocqua Brewing Company
    "Your results may vary"

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    How big?

    Voodoo........How big of a system are you looking at?


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