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Thread: Jockey Box Cozies

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    Jockey Box Cozies

    Hi Ya' All,
    I'm looking for some unique ideas to cover our jockey box at brewfests. Does anyone out there in LagerLand and AleAtmosphere have any cool/neat ideas of a jockey box cover I could build? Post your pictures here or send them to
    As always, pop into the sample room in Polson and I'll buy ya' a beer!

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    We use two different covers: a wicker cover we built to fit our size cooler, and plain burlap fabric. Both work well with our image. I've also seen old, retired side-bung kegs used, mostly vertical and made into a jockey box, rather than covering an existing cooler.

    I'd say, go with whatever crafty idea your own staff can come up with that suits your brewery's look!

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