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Thread: exporting beers...

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    exporting beers...

    is exportation of craft brews outside the US allowed? are there any special taxes or costs associated?


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    Many craft breweries are exporting beer these days to Japan and Europe. I suggest you contact the Institute of Brewing Studies for more information. They have been helping promote our nations fine beers and the hurdles of exporting craft beer the last 2 years or so. If you're attending the CBC in Philly I think they may have a preconference meeting on this topic as they've done this before.

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    I started a company three years ago (Brewer's Alchemy Exports) that was focused on exporting US craft beers. You actually are able to get tax monies back on beer that is exported. Costs are primarily the same as selling beer anywhere - freight, marketing, sales, etc. It's just in a foreign country, which presents a whole other set of challenges. Let's just say they are some really big $$$ challenges... Message me if you have some specific questions.


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    The Craft Brewers Conference later this month in Philadelphia is offering a new track of seminars specifically on exporting craft beer. You can read more about the conference at ProBrewer News on the home page (article of March 23rd.). You can also get more information on the conference at

    The conference is put on by the Brewers Association, formally the Institute for Brewing Studies (and Association of Brewers) and recently merged with the Brewers Association of America to form the BA. They have recently been making significant efforts to promote craft beer export opportunities. Their contact information is at their web site:

    Good luck.

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