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Thread: Typical size bar/resaturant keg order for small breweries

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    Typical size bar/resaturant keg order for small breweries


    I was wondering if anyone could provide insight re: approx how many 1/6 & 1/2 bbl kegs a standard craft beer bar will purchase from a small 10-15 Bbl brewery per week? I know there are lots of variables, but presuming the product is of good quality & demand, does there seem to be a trend for an "average" craft beer bar/restaurant? 1 1/6 barrel per week? 2-3? Same with 1/2 barrels. Anyone have any approximations here? Just trying to get a handle on how many kegs a typical place will buy assuming again the quality & demand is there....



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    The more handles a bar has the fewer kegs they will turn over weekly. Something to keep in mind is most craft centric bars out there these days don't have permanent handles, they rotate through kegs. We have 10 handles in our two stores and go through 30 to 50 kegs a week, mostly 1/2 barrels. We have 9 local breweries and they each end up on at one of the two stores 1 to 2 times a month, sometimes more if they have something special released.
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    Are you trying to determine how large a keg float you need, or to estimate sales figures? The first is pretty straightforward: at a minimum, three shells per tap handle.

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