The Brewers Association will be taking part in a promotion of US foods and beverages in Canada being organized by the US Department of Agriculture's Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS). The event consists of:

June 7, 2005 (date subject to change) - The BA, along with the Mid America International Agri-Trade Council, will schedule meetings with beer trade contacts in Ontario. These will include meetings with importers interested in US craft beer, buyers for hotels and restaurants in Toronto, and beer category managers for the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (the province’s alcohol retail monopoly). This mission is an opportunity for brewery representatives to learn about the craft beer market in Ontario while establishing relationships with trade officials in that province. The mission will include:

June 8, 2005 - A Taste US Culinary Festival will showcase US foods and beverages. The BA has arranged for a table showcasing US craft beers and promotional materials at this event, with beer included in the regional tasting stations and food pairings as appropriate. Over 300 food and beverage trade contacts are expected to attend. This is a trade only event.

The BA is encouraging breweries interested in Canada (Ontario) to attend the events with BA staff. Please notify the BA by April 12 if you would like to attend and/or submit samples. Send samples and materials to the Brewers Association Warehouse, 5717 Arapahoe # 2, Boulder, CO 80303, by April 22.

Cost: Participating breweries are expected to cover the cost of sample shipment to Boulder and their own travel costs to attend the events. The BA will provide for a consolidated shipment to Toronto.

Questions: Contact Bob Pease (303) 447-0816 ext. 101,, with any questions.