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Thread: DIN to triclamp?

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    DIN to triclamp?

    Hi guys...I thought I knew where to get these, but I'm stumped.

    I have two DIN 20 connectors that I want to put 1" TC adaptors on, and one DIN32 that needs to go to 1.5" TC. I can have them welded up (or even chop them off and weld a TC onto the tube) but now I'm frustrated and I want to figure out a supplier!!


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    You might want to try JVNorthwest. I got some DIN to triclamp fittings from them a few years ago. I don't think that they are stock parts, but they should be able to make something that will work for you.

    Cheers- Mike

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    DIN to Tri-clamp

    We don't stock them but we can make them up for you.
    Your CPE Systems Team!
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    Quote Originally Posted by sbradt View Post
    The DIN 32 x 1.5" can be gotten from GW Kent
    You beat me to it.

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