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Thread: Brewer from Siebel looking for work

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    Brewer from Siebel looking for work

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    My name is Chris (29 male) and I'm about to fly to Germany for my final month of brewing education. I'll be seeking employment in the greater Philadelphia area at the beginning of May but I'm also open to any location in the USA. Please contact me for my resume if there is an interest. I am seeking a brewing position. I am educated from the World Brewing Academy International Diploma in Brewing Technology Program along with a college degree in business from Susquehanna University. I have hands on experience with brewing and CIP operations as well. Below are the specifics on my brewing education.

    An advanced-level program conducted at Siebel Institute of Technology in Chicago and Doemens Academy in Munich.
    Theory segments of the program consisted of modules covering:Raw materials & wort production Principles of brewery cleaning & hygiene Beer production, fermentation, yeast management & handling, QC/QA techniques, spoilage organisms Filtration principles, centrifugation, carbonation Packaging: bottles, kegs, cans Principles of packaging line designs Process technologies incl. in-line analytical instrumentation and automated control systems Sensory analysis training panels Business of brewing and technical case studies (problem-solving exercise)

    Practical segments of the program included:
    •Hands-on brewing on production-level system at Doemens Academy •Recipe designed & brewed by students, monitored at every phase of production & packaging •QC/QA lab work in Doemens lab facility •Extensive tours of breweries & brewing industry suppliers and manufacturers in Europe.
    Learned production techniques employed by traditional “old fashioned” breweries as well as state-of-the-art breweries.

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    HEY Chris!! Good to see you are on here.

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    Cool We're interested

    Hi Chris,
    We are opening a new brew pub in the historic district of our town. We're on the Mississippi river. We're installing a new 10 bbl system. Our plans are to make great beer for our own pub, then distribute locally, and then expand our operation to distribute as far as opportunity, a great brand, and great beer will take us. Please contact me if you're interested.


    P.S. Congratulations on your training!
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    Please send your resume to

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