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Thread: Isohop vs. pellets

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    Isohop vs. pellets

    How is an Isohop pellet different than a regular T45 or T90 pellet?

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    ISOHOPS vs Standard Pellets

    An Isohop pellet is a modified T90 or T45 pellet that has been heat treated with Magnesium for 14 days. This basically causes the pellet to isomerize in the box and a brewer will get better efficiency when using it. One thing to keep in mind is at this point the pellet has been changed by the heat, especially the oil profile. Some brewers use these pellets and feel it works fine, many others prefer to use a regular type pellet or move on to an extract or extract product. The benefit of a Isohop pellet is it is resistant to heat, has a long shelf life, and does not have to be boiled to release ibu’s. (a plus in high altitude environments)

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