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Thread: Gopher Kegs - Customer Review

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    Idyllwild, CA, USA
    Amazing customer service even for us little guys! Others in this industry could learn a thing or two from Gopher Kegs!

    Idyllwild Brewpub

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    5 Stars

    Not surprised to see such a resounding positive response in regards to Gopher Kegs, out of Bend, Ore.
    I will add the same feedback on customer service. Outstanding. Hemlut is on it, and Scott has been great too.
    Kegs are quality stainless. Yes, manufactured in China, and they certainly do not hide this fact, but the guts are Micro-Matic.
    Over 300 1/6th bbl, and 50L kegs from Gopher in our float, zero negative issue over 5 years we have been using Gopher.

    Matt G.
    Salmon River Brewery

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    Quote Originally Posted by uabericm View Post
    I know this thread is a year old, but does anyone have anything positive or negative to say about the quality of the kegs coming from Gopher?
    We own about 500 kegs from Gopher, no problems at all after 18 months and the customer service has always been stellar.

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