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    I'm thinking of building a hopback for my 15 bbl system. I have this old Hoff Stevens keg laying around...its bung hole has been welded shut (ouch!)

    Anyways, I was thinking of opening the top, and welding an outlet on the side, and putting flanges in the bottom to cradle an all stainless soda keg, that is riddled with perforations. Then, filing the soda keg with hops, and running the "kettle out" into the middle of the soda keg...

    Anyone do anything like this? Sound feasable?


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    Tomas, we once made a similar hop back on our old 7 bbl system, however, we used a 15 gal. Polarware brew kettle with a perforated false bottom. Check out their website at, it might cost a couple of hundred bucks, but it wouldn't require much for modification.

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