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Thread: First Wort Hopping

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    First Wort Hopping

    Has anyone used, or is using, FWH? I've read on it, but was wondering if anyone could tell me about it from experience. What hops did you use, how long, results, etc. Is it a viable method in the industry? What were the problems?

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    I don't know what it is about your questions... but here's a prior discussion:
    I really enjoyed the results/effects of FWH (the pils we experimented on while I was at PCB really took on a nice, clean, bright hop character (if memory serves, they were Sterling hops for that addition) - and it helps with keeping the initial potential boil-over in check too.) Experiment away - that's what brewing is all about...

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    Question Fwh

    I tried a first wort hop on 1 of 2 batches of a dark bitter Christmas ale. The second round had the hops added at boil (both Challenger). I didn't notice any difference at all really. I would have liked to analyse the beer for IBU's to see if there was any change in Alpha Acid utilization but didn't have that option. From the info that i've read your supposed to get a smoother bitterness, I'd like to try it with Pale Ale or Lager next time.

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    I have had really good experience with FWH'ing on a homebrew scale. I typically use the same amount as used for bittering addition with good results.

    I find that the beers have an unmistakable hop flavour and a much cleaner and longer bitterness. I have not realised noticable increases in aroma. I now use this procedure on all my styles.

    Search the net as there has been quite a bit of experimenting in the homebrew community.

    I know promash has calculations for IBU contributions from FWHs. Though I've never had a beer analysed, I am confortable with the calculations versus the results.

    On a micro scale, do you guys that do it find it justifies the extra cost?


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