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Thread: Hepatitis A in beer!!!

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    Hepatitis A in beer!!!

    copy this link and read about a breakout of hepatitis in russia.

    if anyone finds out how it got in there during the process, post a link.

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    Thumbs up Hepatitis A

    Hepatitis A is generally associated with unsanitary conditions. Likely the personnel at the brewery didn't wash their hands after visiting the bathroom. Point of entry would've probably been sometime AFTER the fermentation process.

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    Thanks for bringing this to everyone’s attention. We as brewers need to be vigilant of new or perceived dangers in the products we produce. Hepatitis should not be able to be viable in beer. That said there always is a very slim chance that a huge change in behavior could happen (the odds are probably less than me winning the lottery…and I don’t buy tickets!).

    In this case it appears that the brewery produces many lemonades and NA Kvass. Indications are that it was the lemonades that were making people sick not the beer. We should have been suspicious with the number of children getting sick. Here are a couple of sources. It is disappointing that you could find hundreds of websites claiming hepatitis and beer link a month ago but no official statement on what actually made the people sick today.

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