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Thread: Oud Bruin

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    Oud Bruin

    Hello all! I'm sorry if this is out of place but i just made a 5 gal batch of Oud Bruin and was wondering what experience anyone has with the addition of oak chips in the secondary as far as quantity and type. I'm pretty sure that i'm going american oak but any input as far as quantity would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    It really depends on how much oak flavor you want and what type of oak you're using. If you were using a medium toast, I would add 1/2 oz for a 5 gallon batch. Leave the beer on the oak for a week and then taste it. If it's not oaky (is that even a word?) enough leave it for another week and so on. VERY IMPORTANT, you can always add more oak flavor, but you can't take out what is there!
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